Foolish Dreamer

I may be just a foolish dreamer

Wishing air could be cleaner

For fresh thoughts

Quiet moments caught

Greeting the sun

A soul connection

Spiritual blessing

Stand tall over hateful trees

Spouting epithets

On fallen leaves

Using third eyes to see

All being who we want to be.

Don't let broken rainbows fall

Rain on the parade and all

May peace reign like aggression

With sweet gentle lessons

Of love embraced by equality

Let caged birds go free

Flying far away from here

A day without latent fear

IKR... easier said than done

But then where is the fun

The balloons, ribbons and streamers

For me, a foolish dreamer?

-M.C. MoHagani Magnetek

"Foolish Dreamer" (2017)

#Magnetek #Poetry

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