Only Randy Watson Can Drop a Mic

Magnetekism #1,994:

I made mad steps like stairs with some upward mobility to get goals accomplished today. Even with all that progress I can no longer overlook this notion of mic dropping without speaking on it. I think any and everyone who drops a mic on stage during a performance should be jailed for aggravated assault against good vibrations.

I’m so dedicated to the art of emcee’n that I would never drop a mic even if I were pregame wine tipsy, blindsided and bashed upside the head with a baseball bat while performing. I may fall crash to the floor, roll off the stage to land on a speaker and the president of my fan club, I would still have a grip on the mic tighter than gnat booty.

The microphone and the audience both deserve the respect of not being broken or having eardrums burst behind negative sound feedback.

If it ain’t Black Awareness Week and you ain’t Randy Watson with your band Sexual have no place in history to be dropping a mic.

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